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Allianz China Life (AZCL) is a joint venture life insurance company formed by Allianz SE, the German financial services conglomerate, and CITIC Trust. The company was the first European joint venture insurer in China, officially open in Shanghai on 25 January 1999. At present, Allianz China Life has registered capital of 2 billion RMB, of which Allianz SE owns a 51% stake and CITIC Trust owns 49%.

Combining the best of international risk management from Allianz with local financial management and financial expertise from CITIC, Allianz China Life has earned a strong reputation for its customized products, professional training and trustworthy service. The company offers all lines of life, retirement, investment, education, health and accident insurance products and services through agency teams, banks, and alternative business channels to meet the comprehensive needs of customers.

Over the course of its thirteen years in China, Allianz China Life has established eight provincial-level branches in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shandong to provide professional insurance products and services to more than 500,000 customers in nearly 40 cities.

Building upon the hundred years of Allianz’s reliable and prudent services, Allianz China Life is striving to be the most trusted insurance company out there. We provide professional, high quality and innovative insurance solutions to meet the needs of our customers who are secure in the knowledge that they can lead their lives as they wish because we stand behind them.

Corporate Citizen
Allianz China life, as a joint venture life insurance company of Allianz Group, takes its responsibility to society very seriously. Since its inception more than 10 years ago, Allianz China Life has incorporated sustainable development into its core values. The company strives to advance social well-being by supporting selected initiatives in the communities in which it operates. In pursuing sustainable development of its business, Allianz China Life also makes consistent efforts to fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Relying on the expertise in enterprise risk management and financial know-how, Allianz China Life focuses its efforts on community development and environment protection. From poverty alleviation to disaster relief, from providing safety education to migrant children to support Eco-agriculture program, Allianz has been playing an active part in various social welfare activities and projects and making concrete actions to contribute to the community.

In 2011, Allianz China Life was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution" and the "Caring Corporation” by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. “Allianz Children Safety Class " and "Allianz Fuping Eco-Agriculture Projects" initiated by Allianz China Life also won the Multinational Corporations Outstanding CSR Case Award by Philanthropy Times.

Company Awards
Outstanding Brand
  • AZCL was listed among the 100 Best Human Resource Model Companies and Best Training Model Companies in 2010 by
  • AZCL was awarded as the Most Trusted Insurance Company Award 2010 by
  • AZCL was listed among the Top 50 Work Places in 2009 by Staffers.
  • Allianz SE was listed among the Global Top 500 Companies Contribution in China Ranking by Southern Weekly in 2008.
  • Allianz SE was awarded Best Solvency Management in Asia by 21st Century Business Herald in 2008.
  • AZCL won the Outstanding Contribution Award for Insurance Industry in the award ceremony for China’s most charitable financial corporations in 2008. The award was sponsored by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and
  • AZCL was listed in the Top 10 Insurance Brands at the 3rd Financial Exposition in Zhejiang in 2008.
  • AZCL was named among the 10 Most Reliable Insurance Brands at the 2007 Best Personal Financial Brands Selection
  • AZCL was listed in the Top 10 Insurance Company by China Business News in 2007.
  • AZCL was selected as the Most Reliable International Insurer in China in 2006 by

Trustworthy Service
  • Allianz SE was awarded Best Insurer for Claims Resolution in Asia and Best Consultant for Insurance Risk Transfer in Asia by the financial magazine Euromoney in 2009.
  • AZCL was awarded Best Insurance Financial Planning Team for the Golden Shell Award for Financial Planning by 21st Century Business Herald.
  • AZCL Zhejiang branch agency team was awarded the Zhejiang Top 10 Financial Planning Team by Youth Times in 2009.

Innovative Products
  • AZCL’s An Kang Yi Sheng Insurance Plan was awarded Best Investment and Pension Insurance Product by the 5th Shanghai Insurance Product EXPO in 2009.
  • AZCL’s Super Fit Insurance Plan was awarded Best Innovative Life Insurance Product in the Best Insurance Brand Ranking in China by Money Week in 2009.
  • AZCL’s unit-linked product won Best Investment Insurance Product of the Year at the 4th Shanghai Insurance Product Exposition in 2008.