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Allianz has been engaged in Formula One since 2000 and is successfully linking Formula One related topics with Allianz core lines of business. In February 2011 Allianz announced its new partnership with the MERCEDES GP PETRONAS Formula One™ Team. The partnership underlines Allianz' commitment to road safety, Formula One™ and the automotive industry.

Since 2007, Allianz is an Official Global Partner of Formula One™.

This partnership provides Allianz with exclusivity within the Financial Services Sector and offers the opportunity for Allianz to demonstrate its expertise in risk management and in particular road safety on a superior level.

Sandra Nulty, Head of Global Sponsorships, Allianz SE: “As a global financial services provider, we estimate not only the global reach of Formula One but also the quest for continuous development and improvement of the sport for the sake of sporting excellence and safety standards. We at Allianz share this mission, knowing our customer and continuously adapting our services to its needs is our quest, which we strive for since our founding in 1890. These shared values and the belief in the strength of partnership have led us to elevate our commitment to the sport and become an Official Global Partner of Formula One™."

Allianz Center for Technology
In close co-operation with the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) Allianz is firmly committed in to improving safety standards for industry and customers worldwide. Allianz utilize their engagement in Formula One since 2000 to raise the importance of road safety globally. The Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) was founded as a full subsidiary of Allianz over 70 years ago, since when it has been providing successful risk management as well as accident and damage research.

Motor insurance customers have long trusted Allianz as a committed partner concerning safety and risk issues. The AZT is working in several national and international projects to improve safety and lower the number of fatalities on the roads. Thanks to its high level of expertise, the AZT has been consulted by the automotive industry for many years. Engineers, scientists and craftsmen closely operate together at the AZT analyzing damages, determining accident causes and developing concepts for damage prevention.

Around the world, over 3000 people die in road accidents every day. For every fatality, there are ten serious injuries and it is expected that with the growth in road traffic, these numbers will double by 2020. Within its damage research activities, the AZT conducts one crash test every week of the year, improving road safety for over 50 million motor insurance customers of Allianz and all other traffic participants.

Numerous conclusions drawn from AZT studies help to improve passenger protection for adults and children as well as traffic safety for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. A lot has been learned from research and a great deal of knowledge has been channelled back into the industry.

Christoph Lauterwasser, Managing Director of the AZT says “The Allianz Formula OneTM engagement has always been closely linked with our holistic view on safety. The AZT provides integrated consultancy in accident research to improve road safety standards. Based on our repair research we are also able to provide benefits on the wider risk-prevention related topics like, for example, limiting the extent of damage during car crashes.”

The FIA’s methods of ensuring safety during a race weekend, ranging from driver protection and circuit safety to crash standards, closely relate to the AZT’s holistic approach to minimizing risk and maximizing safety on roads of any kind. Using the global reach of Formula One, Allianz and the AZT have developed a successful information program which has been implemented in several counties across Europe and Asia, highlighting the importance of safety on the Formula One tracks as well as on public roads. The communication focuses on the driver’s self-responsibility as well as on the responsibility of other motorists and points out the necessity of individual accident and damage-prevention.