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Allianz SE has been supporting the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) since 2006, promoting an active, emotional and natural fascination with all kinds of Paralympic Sports. In 2011, Allianz SE became the first "International Partner" of the IPC, as well as a "National Supporter" of a total of nine National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) on a local level.

The NPC in Germany is represented by the DBS (Deutscher Behindertensportverband). One of its programs is the German Paralympic Top Team, which helps the respective athletes prepare for the Paralympic Games in a professional way. With a leave of absence and a compensation payment for the athletes' employer, the program allows the necessary practice for a successful participation at the Paralympic Games or other important competitions. The Top Team of Germany is a very effective and innovative program that is supported by Allianz as well.

The claim "Motivation to move on. Strength to move up." serves as a guiding principle for all Allianz activities related to the Paralympics Partnership. The motivation and strength of the Paralympic Athletes can serve as an inspiration for Allianz employees and the general public worldwide.

Allianz helps promote the Paralympic Movement by accumulating and distributing information on Paralympic Sports in a campaign entitled "Sharing Paralympic Knowledge". Simultaneously, the emotional campaign "Believe in Yourself" encourages the public to identify with the inspiring achievements of Athletes and find motivation to move on and strength to move up within themselves.